Marketing Specialist , SEMCO Energy Gas Company

Tell us a little about your role and key activities:

The Marketing Specialist plans and coordinates marketing programs to support the growth of the Company’s products and services.  Responsibilities include: customer service, events / home shows planning, communications, database input and assisting in other areas of the marketing department.

What do you like best about your employer or job?

In my experience as an employee, best about SEMCO is the opportunity for growth and longevity.  SEMCO is a respected company in an established industry that offers a wide variety of career opportunities.  From Entry Level Customer Service to Skilled Labor in Operations to Accounting and Engineering, SEMCO offers on-the-job training and invests in its employees continued education and wellbeing.  SEMCO also genuinely participates in the communities we do business.

Have you ever left the region for work/career or thought about leaving?  If yes, what brought you back to St. Clair County or keeps you in the region? 

This native New Yorker now calls St Clair County “Home Sweet Home”.  10 years ago, I “temporarily” moved to Michigan but quickly fell in love with the waterfront views, majestic wildlife and friendly people.  I met my husband here, we bought a home and are happily raising our children here.  I don’t take for granted the musical sound of birds, the nature walks/bike trails, the relaxing parks and of course the scenic waterfront views.  Other family members have joined us here and we are proud Michiganders.

If you could give advice to a high school or college student about career or education choices.... or "I wish I had" moments, what would it be?

Career and education advice I would give to high school and college students would be to seek out a mentor and surround yourself with positive, progress and motivated peers.  Students should network within your friend’s parents and personal circles.  Asking a professional to coach or mentor is a compliment to them and a benefit to you.  A coffee break or power walk can have immense impact on your educational goals, career path and personal life. 

What is your favorite thing about living and/or working in St. Clair County?   

My favorite part of living and working in the St Clair County is the community.  The people of St Clair County are a wide range of suburban to country, educated and skilled.  The workforce here are blue collar, white collar and denim overalls working side by side for one purpose. Businesses, community members and organizations like the EDA have built a long-lasting community flourishing with fun activities and growth potential.

What recent changes or improvements in St. Clair County are you most happy about? 

The improvements I am most happy to see in St Clair Count are the renovations.  St Clair County has a long history of beautiful architecture.  From Lexington’s Cadillac House to Port Huron’s Harrington Inn, renovations around us have renewed business and visitors to our area.  Splash pads, skate parks and shopping centers are sprouting up all around us and adding to the refreshing appeal.  More business, renovations and commerce are to come for St Clair County.

Why should a job seeker consider making St. Clair County home for work and life? 

For a great work/life balance, a job seeker should consider making St Clair County their home.  St Clair County offers a wide variety of established industries, a lower cost of living and picturesque views.  Whether seeking blue collar, white collar or agricultural work, St Clair County is grounded on generations of flourishing citizens building on its industrial history and adding to its growing population in proximity to nature.  Beaches, parks, campgrounds, farmer’s markets and fairgrounds are never too far from any worksite or boardroom.  St Clair County is a great place to work, live and play.