Major Employers

Largest Private Employers

Organization Name Employees Industry
McLaren Port Huron 1,375 Healthcare
Motherson (SMR Automotive)    909 Manufacturing 
ZF Marysville    921 Manufacturing
Lake Huron Medical Center   564 Healthcare


  604 Retail/Big Box
Aludyne  212 Manufacturing
US Farathane  425 Manufacturing
Adler Pelzer  400 Manufacturing
Mueller Brass  360 Manufacturing
Grupo Antolin 240 Manufacturing
Stellantis  300 Manufacturing
Walmart 300 Retail/Big Box
PTM Corporation 285 Manufacturing
Intertape Polymer Group 240 Manufacturing
Acsension River District Hospital 252 Healthcare 
Engineered Plastic Components  137 Manufacturing
SEMCO Energy 201 Utility
Physician Healthcare Network 148 Healthcare 
Cargill  172 Manufacturing
International Automotive Components 170 Manufacturing 


Largest Public Employers

Organization Name Employees Industry
Port Huron Area School District 807 Education
St. Clair County 983 Government
DTE Energy 747 Utility
East China School District 450 Education
St. Clair County Community College 422 Education 
Marysville Public School District 446 Education
St. Clair County RESA 418 Education
City of Port Huron 246 Government


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