Startup Funding

Emerge Funding

  • $5,000 Maximum Per Applicant 
  • For Profit
  • Technology Highly desired (app development, E-Commerce, SMART Technology, AI Automated Intelligence)
  • Emerge Recipients are required to become part of a 12-month incubation program ($90/month or $1,080/12 months) - Inubation fees can be paid from Emerge funds or separately.  The incubation program ensures client is advancing and working toward achieving targeted milestones.  

Uses for Emerge Funding

  • Creating A Business Plan
  • Developing A Website
  • Filing A Patent
  • Other items than can help launch or grow a business 

Proving Grounds Pre-Seed Funding

  • $10,000 for 5% Equity
  • Available to Early Stage Companies after they've launched (already selling a product or service)
  • "Fuel Funding" to grow your business faster
  • Perfect for entrepreneurial businesses that offer scalability beyond risk
  • Valid Business Plan and Identified Tarket Market with Proven Market fit (product/service validation) required
  • Funding will not be diluted by other investor funding

BAF Funding

  • Eligible via The Underground Business Incubator SmartZone
  • Max $50,000 (most common funding $7,000-$15,000)
  • Must meet Matrix requirements as defined by MEDC/MI-SBDC to be eligible 


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