EDA Podcast

We invite you to join us on the EDA's Our Shoreline Your Horizon bi-weekly podcast.  You can subscribe to our podcast on Audible, Apple Podcasts, Podcast Guru or Spotify.  

You can also listen to episodes streamed by WGRT 102.3 by clicking here

  • Episode 1 - Tourism and the Economy in Michigan's Thumb
  • Episode 2 - New Housing and Business Developments in Marysville 
  • Episode 3 - How Unique Businesses Contribute to the Local Economy
  • Episode 4 - The Benefits of Workforce Development
  • Episode 5 - The Importance of Adopting Industry 4.0 Technologies 
  • Episode 6 - Accelerating Economic Growth through Entrepreneurship
  • Episode 7 - Housing Trends in Michigan's Thumbcoast  


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