Blue Water Young Professionals

The Blue Water Young Professionals (BWYP) are a non-profit community group that prides itself on enhancing the blue water area. Started in the fall of 2009, we’ve continued to grow and prosper in both membership and involvement in our community. In the spring of 2011, through our “I Will Stay If…” initiative, the BWYPs identified two areas of focus with the help of area residents. Our two main focus areas are Downtown & Nightlife enhancement and Arts appreciation and growth. It is our belief that place-making is one of, if not THE key element in today’s economy. Developing an attractive place draws the type of young, creative people who in turn create jobs and stability for the future. We’re dedicated to making the Blue Water Area a place young professional’s want to live, work and play!

Our Mission

The BWYP mission is to be a catalyst of community enhancement for the Blue Water Area by collaborating with fellow forward-thinking, community-oriented individuals who are active in the civic, social and business activities of our region. We plan all of our activities around making the blue water area a place where young professionals want to Live, Work and Play! The two main focus areas of the BWYPs are Downtown & Nightlife enhancement and Arts appreciation and growth.

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