Doing Business Here

Invest in Blue. See Green.

In St. Clair County, you have the best of all worlds – you are close to the big city, its labor force, arts and culture, and institutions of higher learning, but you benefit from the lower costs of a fringe suburban community.  St. Clair County is a unique destination, an international center of commerce and a critical stop along the I-69 International Trade Corridor, a NAFTA highway.  With a proximity to the entire North American marketplace, multiple modes of transportation connecting Canada, the U.S. and Mexico via the Blue Water Bridge border crossing, and a community that is appealing to families, St. Clair County is an ideal location for corporate investment.

Here are a few of the cost advantages that we offer to businesses and investors:

  • Land prices 30-50 percent lower than Southeast Michigan average
  • Average industrial rental rate of $4/sq. ft.
  • Average office rental rate of $12/sq. ft.
  • Flat 6% corporate income tax rate for C Corporations and 4.35% personal income tax rate for S Corporations and LLC’s.
  • Stable public utility rates with electricity and gas rates regulated in St. Clair County
  • Michigan does not levy inventory taxes or charge impact fees
  • Blue Water Bridge is a preferred border crossing over the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit due to its closer proximity to Toronto and tolls based on number of axles vs. weight
  • St. Clair County Cost of living below national average
  • Median home value of $156,100 compared to U.S. average of $181,400 and Southeast Michigan average of $160,544


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