Senior Planner, St. Clair County Metropolitan Planning Commission

Tell us a little about your role and key activities:
My main responsibilities are all things Transportation Planning; I represent St. Clair County on various regional and statewide transportation committees. I develop and update various planning documents such as the Long Range Transportation Plan, the Transportation Improvement Program, the Unified Work Program, and the Capital Improvement Program.

Through the St Clair County Transportation Study Advisory Committee, I work with the local communities to determine which road projects are going to be funded with the available Federal Transportation Funds each year.

What do you like best about your employer or job?
I enjoy the freedom and flexibility we have in carrying out the required tasks, although much of what I do is following federal guidelines in transportation planning activities. I am able to do that the best way I can, and what works best for the community and individuals we work with and work for.

Have you ever left the region for work/career or thought about leaving?  If yes, what brought you back to St. Clair County or keeps you in the region?
I actually came to St. Clair County FOR work. I’m originally from West Michigan and after graduating from college (MSU), I traveled to Colorado and Illinois for work before returning back to Michigan.

If you could give advice to a high school or college student about career or education choices.... or "I wish I had" moments, what would it be?When you think about what you want to be when you grow up, always have an open mind and heart… because sometimes what you end up doing and loving isn’t something you  expect it to be…  My entire childhood and into my high school years I thought I wanted to be a teacher. But, after I got through my first year of college, studying education never even crossed my mind…. I took an intro class to Urban Planning and I was hooked immediately, I had no questions, that was my future and here I am 11 years later working in this field.

What is your favorite thing about living and/or working in St. Clair County?   
DEFINITELY without a doubt, the wonderful BLUE WATER!!!

What recent changes or improvements in St. Clair County are you most happy about? 
All of the new businesses and activity is very exciting to see… Work in Marine City (theatres/hotel), Work on the St. Clair Inn, Sperry’s in Port Huron… just to name a few things.

Why should a job seeker consider making St. Clair County home for work and life? 
The positive momentum is especially intriguing and exciting… I’ve lived here for ALMOST 7 years and I have seen so much happen in those years. I honestly can only see it getting better and better with time.