Meet…James (Jim)

Professor and Program Lead for the Criminal Justice Program, St. Clair County Community College (SC4)

Tell us a little about your role and key activities:
My name is Jim Jones. I am a professor and the Program Lead for the Criminal Justice Program at SC4. My responsibilities include program oversight, program and course development, lecturing, student activities and club participation, as well as college service activities. My most important function is teaching and communicating with the students to help them best achieve their student successes.

What do you like best about your employer or job?
Clearly, the best part of working for St. Clair County Community College is being given the responsibility to lead students towards success. Whether it be through classroom discussions, off campus recruitment trips, guest speakers, or student clubs, St. Clair County Community College has been a springboard to successful student growth and development. I have been given great opportunity to participate in that process.

If you could give advice to a high school or college student about career or education choices.... or "I wish I had" moments, what would it be?
I truly believe that successes come through doors that open. Students should be ready to walk through those doors when they come upon them. Even at the high school level, students should be putting themselves in places where they can find success and opportunity. This may mean just meeting people in the professions they may have an interest in. It is important to take the initiative to put themselves in places where success may come.

What recent changes or improvements in St. Clair County are you most happy about?
I have really enjoyed to the improvements to the campus. I think the campus has become much more collegiate in appearance. It not only has developed into a true campus, it is very beautiful and scenic for the students who attend. I think the development of the field house was also very nice. It, like much of the campus, is an attractive structure, not only for the students, but those who come from other communities to visit.

Why should a job seeker consider making St. Clair County home for work and life?
To me, St. Clair County is a wonderful place to work and live. We are truly living in scenic paradise, rich with history and successes. The people of St. Clair County are wonderful and caring, and opportunities for success are truly making a comeback. In my travels, I often enjoy showing those from other states pictures of this area because of the beauty it presents. I am truly blessed to be here.