Vice President, Manager Wealth Management Services, Huntington Bank

Tell us a little about your role and key activities:
I manage the Trust Operations team for Chemical Bank Wealth Management.  In Trust Operations we handle a wide range of duties from trust accounting, tax/fee processing to troubleshooting for the front office staff and the client.  We are responsible for making sure the client transactions and trades are accurate and complete. We also have oversight of the trust accounting software used by the department.

What do you like best about your employer or job?  
I have been with Chemical Bank for 14 years and am learning something new every day.  Each day presents a new opportunity for me to expand my knowledge base and contribute to the success of the Trust department and Bank.  I enjoy working for an institution with such a rich history of serving our local communities. I know that I make a difference in the lives of our customers.

Have you ever left the region for work/career or thought about leaving?  If yes, what brought you back to St. Clair County or keeps you in the region?  
I have never left the region to pursue other opportunities.  Although there are many banks and trust offices in surrounding areas, Chemical Bank is the only Trust department in St. Clair County.  The fact that I have been able to progress in my career while staying in the area I grew up in is extremely favorable.

If you could give advice to a high school or college student about career or education choices.... or "I wish I had" moments, what would it be?
It’s easy as you’re growing up to wish you could get away from this area.  It’s not until you actually leave, whether to go to college or pursue other dreams that you realize what incredible opportunities there are here.  I encourage high school and college students to learn about the many businesses and organizations that are based in the County. The more you know about the community you live in, the more informed decision you can make for your future.

What is your favorite thing about living and/or working in St. Clair County?   
St. Clair County has much to offer from the bustling riverfront to the expanding downtown areas of our local communities.  I take great pride in working in this area and having the opportunity to raise my family here. There is no place I would rather live and work.

What recent changes or improvements in St. Clair County are you most happy about?
I am happy to see the continued improvements made to the waterfront areas in St. Clair County.  You can go from Fort Gratiot to Marine City and enjoy the waterfront and the many year-round attractions.  We live in a very unique area and it’s easy to take the water for granted.

Why should a job seeker consider making St. Clair County home for work and life?

St. Clair County offers a balance between work and home life.  It’s a great place to raise a family without the hustle and bustle of a large metropolitan area, yet each and every community has a thriving downtown.  There is always something to do, from visiting the many local businesses to enjoying the festivals and recreating on the waterfront.

About Chemical Bank
As a Chemical Banker, you will join other professionals who share our community banking philosophy of making a positive impact where we live, work and play. You will be a part of a growing, Michigan-based community bank that believes in the dreams of its customers and employees alike. With Chemical Bank, you will make a difference in your community while enjoying excellent benefits and top career opportunities.

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