St. Clair County Featured in New Michigan Investment Guide

June 19, 2023

The Michigan Economic Development and Investment Guide is a new magazine created in partnership with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), Site Selection Magazine and the Governor's office. The Michigan Investment Guide will be:

  • Distributed digitally by Site Selection Magazine to 22,000 high level executives around the globe
  • Featured in Investor Watch & Site Selection Magazine E-newsletters
  • 2,000 copies will be utilized by the MEDC at trade shows, mission trips & during site visits

We are proud to share that St. Clair County, Michigan, has a full two-page ad in this new magazine promoting our region's quality of life, Blue Water assets, and business and development opportunities. Our region often gets overlooked in comparison to the larger metro areas or the more heavily promoted west side of the state. This rare advertising opportunity helps ensures that St. Clair County, Michigan, gets noticed and won't be left behind. 

A big thank you to the Blue Water Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, City of Port Huron LDFA, and St. Clair County for supporting this national and global marketing effort to attract more people, investments and new business to the area.

Check out our beautiful St. Clair County ad in the digital magazine!
(view here)


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