Pier One Polymers Expands in Marysville, MI. - $3 Million Investment

April 9, 2024

Pier One Polymers is a 25 year old compounder of engineered plastic resins used in the injection molded industry. They service a variety of markets including lawn and garden, industrial, sporting goods, marine, furniture and automotive. They are in the City of Marysville. The company's dedication to solving problems for their customers, combined with a passion for keeping plastics out of landfills, has led to their continued success and growth in our community.

Owner, Michael Pier, and his team have more than a combined 150 years of plastics experience in analyzing resins that have great physical and mechanical properties. Pier One Polymers’ proprietary Maxamid RC (recycled content nylon) system can be utilized in a multitude of plastic consumables used throughout the world. They also produce Maxatel (acetal), Pexloy (Polycarbonate/Polyester alloys) and many other resins.  They specialize in helping injection molders create recycling programs. Half of their business is recycled compounds and half is prime compounds competing against some of the world’s largest producers. To support this proprietary system, Pier One Polymers added new production lines to their Marysville operation, investing more than $3 million and creating 16 new positions.


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