EDA Encourages Support for St. Clair County FIRST Robotics Teams

November 29, 2022

St. Clair County is home to nine FIRST Robotics high school teams that make up the Blue Water Area Robotics Alliance (BWARA). Area teams are seeking support from businesses as they prepare for the new season starting in January 2023.

BWARA teams exist to encourage the development of students' interest in the areas of math and science. By doing so, the program prepares young minds to work and thrive in our increasingly technological world and global economy. 

The teams participate in a competition held by FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and   Technology), a program developed in 1989 in order to inspire more interest in the fields of science and   technology. In this competition, teams design, program, and build a robot that performs an annually assigned   task - all in a span of six weeks! 

The process of building and designing the robot is not an easy one. The journey from the first kit of parts and   the first blank sheet on the drawing board to the completed robot participating in the competition is long and   stressful, yet the value and benefits reach so far beyond robotics and competing. Through the program,   students gain a priceless opportunity to experiment and explore their technological capabilities and gain   exposure to several aspects of technology, including technical design, computer programming, and even   business management. 

Businesses are encouraged to reach out to any of the nine BWARA teams to learn more about their activities   and how you can support them (financially, in-kind contributions, or volunteering). The investment companies   make today are supporting their pipeline of talent that play a role in your operations in the future. 





BWARA Teams and Contacts

Team Number: FRC 5843

Team Nickname: Flurb

School: St. Clair and Marine City High Schools

Mentor: Steven Tenniswood

Contact: steven.tenniswood@gmail.com

Team Number: FRC 5860

Team Nickname: Full Metal Muskrats

School: Algonac Jr. Sr. High School

Mentor: Jared Emery

Contact: robotics@acsk12.us

Team Number: FRC 5046

Team Nickname: Jacked Up Jackets

School: Memphis High School

Mentor: Glen Haack


Team Number: FRC 3667

Team Nickname: Mecanum Knights

School: Port Huron High & Port Huron Northern High Schools

Mentor: Kristen McRobie

Contact: coach@team3667.com


Team Number: FRC 2604

Team Nickname: Metal and Soul

School: Capac High School

Mentor: John Antilla


Team Number: FRC 4130

Team Nickname: The Blue Devils

School: Richmond High School

Mentor: John VanGampelaere


Team Number: FRC 4779

Team Nickname: RoboSapiens

School: Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School

Mentor: Roy Miodonski


Team Number: FRC 5167

Team Nickname: Vi-Bots

School: Marysville High School

Mentor: Jonathan Smith


Team Number: FRC 6344

Team Nickname: Yale Jiggawattz

School: Yale High School

Mentor: Mike Ridley


Blue Water Robotics Fund

The Community Foundation of St. Clair County established the Blue Water Robotics Fund in 2018 to support Blue Water Robotics teams, programs, projects and services. If you are unsure which specific team you would like to support, the Blue Water Robotics Fund is a great way to assist robotic efforts in our community. You can learn more about the fund at https://www.stclairfoundation.org/fund/blue-water-robotics-fund/


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