Duke Broadband receives $858,227 Grant to Increase High-Speed Internet

June 23, 2022

It was announced by the Governor on June 14, that EDA Member Duke Broadband would receive an $858,227 grant award towards a $1.3 million fiber project in St. Clair County's Ira Township. The project will connect 367 locations (homes and businesses) with high speed fiber with speeds up to 1/.1 Gigabytes per second. The state of Michigan is investing $3 million to expand high-speed internet access to 781 homes and businesses across Michigan. 

Congratulations to the Duke Broadband team on its successful grant application and award. The company will invest the difference between the project and grant award (approximately $441,773) to make this project a reality. 

The EDA is very pleased to see that our region is increasing access in underserved areas of the county. Providing affordable, high-speed internet helps businesses of all sizes, residents, workers and families who rely on the internet for their professional and personal lives.  


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