$9.5 Million Dollar Affordable Housing Project Coming to Port Huron / Woda Cooper Companies

September 8, 2022

Early Concept Rendering - Port Huron, Michigan  - River District Site ($9.5 Million Investment by Woda Cooper companies)

Port Huron, Michigan

Woda Cooper Companies has reached an agreement with the City of Port Huron to purchase the site at 3550 Electric Avenue for $1 in exchange for development of "missing middle" affordable housing of at least 50 new for sale condo units (an investment of $9.5 million).  The agreement requires final approval by the Port Huron City council at the City Council meeting on Monday.  

The new residential units to be developed by Woda within 24 months will have to be sold to individuals and families who make 185% - 300% of the federal poverty guidelines.  According to the 2022 income poverty threshold:

Income Limit Range for the River Distrcit Site Condos
$25-$40K for a one-person household
$33-$54 K for a two-person household
$42K-$69 K for a family of three 

Local leaders expect this development to revitalize the south side of Port Huron and benefit other residents and businesses in the neighborhood.  

About Woda Cooper Companies:
Woda Cooper Companies, Inc. is an employee-owned, vertically-integrated affordable housing firm with 730+ employees.  Woda Cooper Companies owns and operates more than 350 properties and 16,000 housing units. Woda Cooper consistently ranks among the top affordable housing developers and owners in the country by Affordable Housing Finance. The firm operates in 16 states in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, and has a development portfolio of $1.5 billion.

Woda's Mission:
Woda Cooper Companies, Inc. is dedicated to developing, constructing, and managing high-quality affordable housing. Our residents are our ultimate customer. It is a privilege to provide each household we serve with a safe, modern, and well-maintained place to live.


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