About EDA

The Economic Development Alliance (EDA) of St. Clair County is a regional non-profit economic development agency that has served the Blue Water Area for over 60 years.  The EDA is supported by public and private sector investors and works closely with community stakeholders and regional partners to stimulate the economy and drive job growth and investment.  The EDA markets our regional and community assets, spurs local entrepreneurialism, and provides unique solutions to industry that sets the stage for our companies to achieve global success.

The EDA’s dynamic team provides expertise in real estate and community development and uses a broad range of federal, state and local tools to create successful projects.

Business Development Programs and Services:

  • Local Business Support (Retention & Expansion Services)
  • Business Attraction & Site Location Assistance
  • Financial & Incentive Packaging
  • Exporting Guidance (Program Development, Growth Areas, Funding Opportunities)
  • Entrepreneurial Support
  • Business/Workforce Training & Education
  • Community Development Assistance
  • Match Making Assistance (Finance Partners, Suppliers, B2B Production/Business Collaboratives)
  • Single point of contact liaison for working with local, state, and regional officials (Permits/Processes)

Programs and services offered are made possible through the generous support of the EDA’s private and public member investors.  Our members are passionate about fostering a strong, sustainable business climate.

We’d like to help you! Please give us a call at 810.982.9511


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