Covid-19 Resources

In these uncertain times, the EDA is working diligently to provide the last news on government assistance and news, as well as any local resources available.  This Covid-19 resource page will be updated frequently.  The COVID-19 pandemic has brought extraordinary challenges to our business community. As we all navigate the uncertainty of this global health care crisis and the difficult community and economic challenges facing our community, the team at The Economic Development Alliance (EDA) remains your trusted partner.  We will continue to provide the necessary resources to assist you through the coming months. 

St. Clair County businesses are encouraged to contact the EDA if we can be of assistance in connecting companies facing supply chain issues or to discuss other Covid-19 related business issues your company may be facing.  Please keep in mind, we are here to assist in any way possible. 

Call 810.982.9511. EDA team members are staggering in-office times with working remotely to practice social distancing.


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